Jason LaVeris, FilmMagic

Armenian ladies, rejoice. The bible of sex, style and beauty is coming to newsstands near you in March.

According to the New York Observer Armenian Cosmopolitan is launching next month, joining new international editions of the mag in the Middle East and Mongolia. And who better to grace the first cover than Armenian-American celebrity Kim Kardashian.

"The Cosmopolitan brand has been very successful around the world and we're pleased to be rolling out our 63rd edition this spring in Armenia," president and CEO of Hearst Magazines International Duncan Edwards told the Observer.

"Working with Media Partners, a very well-respected local publisher, we are confident that Cosmo will do well with Armenian women."

Hrachuhi Utmazyan has been named editor and the Hearst expects that the magazine will have an initial circulation of 5,000.

Get ready Armenia. We know you've been dying for your own, "How to be a Tiger in the Bedroom" and "Cheat Proof His Bachelor Party".