Clinique Skin Care Diagnostic Tool

Clinique Skin Care Diagnostic Tool. Courtesy of Clinique

Want to know what cleanser, moisturizer and makeup is perfect for your skin? There's an app for that.

Clinique has introduced its new Apple iPad technology to guide consumers towards the right beauty products. It's a self-guided skin care diagnostic tool that is being rolled out this month at select counters around the country, and Clinique is excited to be the first cosmetic brand to use it.

"Building on our heritage and the explosion of multi-dimensional communication channels, Clinique is reshaping the industry standard by introducing exciting new technologies at point of sale that will allow us to connect with our clients on a different level at every touch point in a relevant and engaging manner," Ricardo Quintero, Senior Vice President, Global General Manager, Market Development, Clinique told StyleList. "We are thrilled to unveil a Skin Care Diagnostic Tool on the Apple iPad rolling out globally this year."

The Clinique Smart Bar

The Clinique Smart Bar. Courtesy of Clinique

Here's how it works:

- Step up to the Clinique counter at your favorite department store and connect to their Apple iPad.

- Take the 90-second computer-guided skin care test and answer questions about your specific skin type and concerns.

- Get personalized recommendations from over 180,000 possible product combinations to match your needs.

- Receive a personalized printout or email with a list of recommended cosmetic and skincare products.

If you try Clinique's new iPad technology, let us know what you think!

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