Actress Jennie Garth. Courtesy Photo

Actress and onetime "Dancing With the Stars" competitor Jennie Garth is teaming up with Dove to give one lucky lady her moment in the spotlight.

To celebrate the launch of the new Dove VisibleCare Crème Body Wash, the brand wants to award the opportunity of a lifetime: a chance to show off your fancy footwork on the season finale of "Dancing With the Stars." Garth is stepping in as a mentor to the winner of the Dove Close-Up Challenge.

StyleList caught up with the blond beauty on the set of the Dove VisibleCare commercial that will help launch the contest during this year's Oscars telecast Feb. 27. During a touch-up in hair and makeup, the "90210" star chatted about the contest, her honest to goodness love for body washes and who she'd like to see pick up an Academy Award.

StyleList: How do you feel about mentoring the contest winner for "Dancing With the Stars"?
Jennie Garth: I think I'll be helping them get ready in some capacity, which is so exciting. I know that this will be so much fun for somebody. Every woman I've met has said, "I wish I could do 'Dancing with the Stars' -- it looks so amazing. I've always wanted to do that." So I'm really excited to help give someone that opportunity.

StyleList: When you did the show, what was one piece of advice that your professional dance partner gave you?
J.G.: With me, it was always overcoming my nerves and shyness. I'm not a performer in that sense, so he was always telling me to keep my eyes up and really engage with the audience.

StyleList: Contestants have to create a video to be eligible to win. So you have any pointers that might help them stand out?
J.G.: I would say if I were making a video, I would probably talk about how I would like to try the Dove VisibleCare products because I know that I've had dry skin in the past and this is like a godsend to have a product that I can use in the shower that's actually going to save me a step after the shower. It's a really helpful product. I think they're probably looking for someone with a great, fun energy about them.

StyleList: How can someone prepare for the dance training, which can be grueling, for a "DWTS" performance?
J.G.: Stretching is a good thing to do every day, whether you're going to be on "Dancing With the Stars" or not!

Jennie Garth takes a moment to get pretty. Courtesy Photo

StyleList: What do you wish you knew about skin care 10 years ago that you know now?
J.G.: I've always been really good to my skin, but there's a million products out there and sorting through and finding the right one is really hard to do. I do take advice from campaigns like this and advertisements -- I really do look to those. I know this product is good because I've tried it and it does work. I used to use a product that Dove doesn't make anymore that was an in-shower moisturizer. They stopped making it and now this product is like the answer to my prayers because I was so sad when you couldn't buy the other one anymore. Now this one is like washing and moisturizing all in one, so it's good.

StyleList: When you were on "DWTS," you were prone to having to apply a lot of makeup and product for your performances. How did you care for your skin when it was under so much stress?
J.G.: A lot of exfoliating, a lot of body wash scrubs -- that kind of a thing. Getting the fake tan off was basically my goal every night!

StyleList: Since this commercial is premiering during the Oscars, is there anyone who you're rooting for to pick up an award this year?
J.G.: Probably James Franco because my manager represents him -- that would be great. Keep it in the family. I haven't seen any of the movies. That's sad and pathetic but my husband has been gone for a really long time so I have no one to take me to the movies. I need to get some screeners. Anybody out there, send me your Academy screeners!