Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway gets best hair pick for the 2011 Oscars by these beauty experts. Photo: Frank Micelotta/Getty Images

Since they've worked with many of this year's Oscar nominees and presenters, we thought we'd tap some of the most experienced hair and makeup artists for a few red carpet style predictions, and the votes are in! Overwhelmingly, the beauty gurus have chosen Anne Hathaway as their pick for prettiest red carpet star.

When we spoke to Marie Robinson, colorist and owner of Marie Robinson Salon in New York City, she had just done Hathaway's color, but also had this to say regarding Sunday night's hair color parade, "We may see glimmery shades of light and gold spun through brunettes and blondes. Very pale platinum blondes and I hope a fabulous redhead or two!"

As far as hairstyles for the Oscars, "We'll be seeing a lot of glamour on the red carpet this Sunday. Lots of low, loose buns as well as smooth, wavy blowouts with a polished finish over the beachy, textured waves we've been seeing the past few years," said Allison Woodruff, stylist at Marie Robinson Salon. Her pick for best in beauty? Hathaway, naturally.

Tim Quinn, Giorgio Armani celebrity makeup artist, has worked with Hathaway, Amy Adams, Michelle Williams and Annette Bening, among others and he's predicting "more elegant makeup -- sophisticated smoky [eyes] featuring navy shadow ... I feel that color for the lips will be a trend we will see more of ... and as much as I love a tan, hopefully not so much on the red carpet." And his final thoughts, "They (the actresses) are all unique and will have makeup that enhances their unique qualities. That said, Anne H. should deliver."

More hopes and dreams for Sunday night's beauty: "I want to see all of my leading ladies in shades of pearlescent pinks and soft naturals, channeling iconic glamour à la Audrey Hepburn. This year's trend is that of Old Hollywood with a neutral modern twist, with trendsetters such as Claire Danes and January Jones embodying the softer, more natural side of beauty. The Golden Globes and the SAG Awards paved the way for this classic style and I expect the Academy Awards to be the pinnacle of perfection," Jerrod Blandino, co-founder and creative director of Too Faced Cosmetics told StyleList.

And finally, shag guru Sally Hershberger foresees a change at this year's Oscars, "I predict lots of flow and movement -- nothing severe or stiff looking. For those who opt to put their hair up, the overworked, overstyled updos are gone and the modern take on it is a soft, sophisticated style that is still youthful and put together."

Guess we'll have to stay tuned to see what comes of all these makeup wishes and hairstyle dreams, but we're rooting for you, Annie!

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