The Derek Lam + eBay collection was unveiled Feb. 16 at Alice Tulley Hall in New York's Lincoln Center to the fashion press and retailers, but it's your turn next.

The designer created the 16-dress collection so that his fans and eBay devotees could vote on their favorites in the next week. EBay will announce the five with the most clicks on March 1 and those dresses will go into production -- and for sale on the site in May. Ranging in price from $125 to $295, the dresses were inspired by Lam's greatest hits.

"I went back to my archive and said what seems to keep popping up?" Lam told StyleList. "There was a T-shirtdress, the peplum, a bohemian look... It was really a spontaneous project. There was no market research."

And the designer's favorite? "If I had to choose, I love the dramatic long gowns."

Shoppers can visit to check out the entire 16-piece collection. You can also vote on this site, whenever and as many times as you want.