Actress Salma Hayek is set to put her stamp on the beauty industry with her skin-care line, Nuance. Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Salma Hayek may have married into the world's most fashionable family, but the Mexican-born beauty says it's her skin-care secrets that have the greatest value.

After first telling People magazine that she was thinking about creating a beauty line a couple of years ago, T Magazine just confirmed that the natural products will launch next year.

Named Nuance, the line will feature ingredients like tepezcohuite and concha nacar that are indigenous to Hayek's native country, and which she says have been used with amazing antiaging results by generations of women in her family.

While tepezcohuite is known to regenerate skin so quickly that it's often used as treatment for burn victims, concha nacar has been applied as a skin-lightening agent that keeps the annoyances of sunspots and pigmentation changes at bay.

"My grandmother, who was a beauty, she died at 96 with no wrinkles. And you should see my mother!" the self-described "housewife" told T.

(Hayek was so serious about her statement, that she brought the reporter home to see her visiting mother -- who agreed that Diana Jimenez had the same soft and smooth skin of her famous daughter.)

The business-savvy star says that the ingredients are both natural and cheap, as they're easily grown in Mexico. While she could have no doubt created a luxury line flooded with expensive nutrients, Hayek adds that she is keen on making her line of beauty available to women of all income ranges.

To prove that fiscally sound point, drugstore chain CVS will carry the line.

Until then, the 44-year-old entrepreneur is brimming with beauty tips and the passion of creating and sharing a line with other women.

"You know how if you burn the stone of the mamey fruit and rub it on your eyelashes, it makes them grow?" said an excited Hayek.

Sounds like Latisse better watch out.

We won't be surprised if makeup is in the works too; after all, one in three women won't leave home without a full face on.