Photo courtesy of Derek Lam + eBay

And we have a winner... no, actually five winners.

The votes for the Derek Lam + eBay collection dresses have been tallied and the top picks have been made. The winning dresses are the Black Tie, the floral Boho, the denim Sun, the basic black Shift and the floral Chemise.

You and your fellow eBay shoppers chose these particular silhouettes. Sixteen dresses designed by Lam were introduced on Feb. 16 at a presentation at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Voting commenced and the results arrived yesterday. And while eBay will not release just how many votes were cast, a company spokesperson said the response was "very successful."

This capsule collection of dresses, which range in price from $175 to $295, will be available on the special Derek Lam + eBay collection subsite starting May 10 and will be available in sizes 0 through 16.

This is thought to be one of the first times crowd-sourcing has chosen the elements of a mainstream clothing collection.

Photo courtesy of Derek Lam + eBay

If you missed the Lam eBay Presentation at New York Fashion Week, then check out our partner video: