Justin Bieber Ellen DeGeneres

Justin Bieber hair sells for $40,668 on eBay. Photo: AP Photo/Warner Bros., Michael Rozman

For Justin Bieber, it was snip, snip, ka-ching, ka-ching!

The teen heartthrob lopped off a chunk of his famously flicking hair and presented it to Ellen DeGeneres on her show last week as a gift. Seems the talk-show host had tweeted Bieber beforehand asking him to bring her a "surprise."

DeGeneres immediately put the present up on eBay to be auctioned off for charity. Within an hour, the bids were up to $10,000 and today those locks sold for a whopping $40,668!

The money will be donated to the Gentle Barn Foundation, an animal rescue and rehabilitation organization based in Santa Clarita, Calif.

As reward for being the highest bidder, the lucky winner (surely a love-struck tween girl) will not only get the piece of Bieber's hair in a signed box, but she'll get to meet him in person next time he appears on "The Ellen Show." That's enough to make any girl empty out her piggy bank. Oh, baby!

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