You know those annoying skin- and shirt-staining drips you get when dying your hair? You can say goodbye to them with L'Oréal Paris' new Sublime Mousse.

The ever-sexy Evangeline Lilly is the face behind its ad campaign, set to roll out next week. We had a sneak peek at the new commercial, and can we just say, sexy is right!

Lilly rolls around on a large bed covered with fluffy white sheets, showing off her long, wavy brunette locks. The bedroom environment portrays Lilly as a very seductive, confident woman who is comfortable with who she is and how she looks. It also turns something mundane like hair coloring into a sensual act.

In the footage interview, Lilly said, "This shoot is about bringing some type of femininity and dignity and beauty into the process of coloring your hair."

Femininity. Dignity. Beauty. We like that!

The mousse-like formula shampoos in for easy application with no dripping. L'Oréal is promoting the product as an "ultra-light, airy mousse formula that is simple and mess-free, resulting in perfect gray coverage and natural, shiny color." It also comes with a deep after-color conditioner to lock in moisture and shine.

Sublime Mousse retails for $9.99 and is available in 12 shades at major drug and food stores.

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