Spring Accessories Under $100 Rachel Zoe

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Spring Accessories Under $100 Rachel Zoe

Photography by Justin Coit

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Whenever a new season hits, there is always the temptation to go out and buy some spankin' fresh clothes to match. However, what I have learned over the years is that it is a much wiser move to invest first in a few thoughtfully chosen accessories. This way you can update your closet and apply the latest trends without having to commit and splurge on a whole new wardrobe. Game plan!

Speaking of accessories, I have my sights set on so many cool (ahem, affordable) adornments right now. There are the usual spring suspects, such as eye-catching scarves and stacked wedges, as well as some modernistic picks in the mix, like neon bright bags and transparent sunnies.

The bottom line is they are all a-mah-zing and destined to give your outfits a boost. Check them out and get excited to excessorize!


1. ASOS 70s Floppy Hat
2. Urban Outfitters Abstract Scarf
3. Marc by Marc Jacobs Crystal Rim Sunglasses
4. Banana Republic Snake Belt
5. Jessica Simpson Kowloon Wedges
6. Melie Bianco Cross Body Bag

* excessorize = to add substantial, stylish accessories to your look (Zoeism)

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