In the wake of mounting accusations over the safety of its popular $400 hair-straightening treatment, Brazilian Blowout, the company is now openly addressing the controversy of its formula while rolling out a new -- and formaldehyde-free -- line.

Brazilian Blowout Zero
appears to be the company's solution for the slew of negative publicity and saftey concerns over its original product. Their other solution lies in directly addressing consumer's concerns.

On its web site, the North Hollywood-based manufacturer states "adversity is a fact of life. It can't be controlled." It goes on to state that they have reacted to the concerns that its original product contains formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, by creating a brand new line.

Brazilian Blowout Zero reportedly contains the same hair-straightening capability, but without formaldehyde in its formula. Instead, it is said to include a different active ingredient, glycolic acid, along with a new scent. According to Brazilian Blowout CEO, Mike Brady, the new product "lets salons know there's zero difference in the way they do it, zero difference with the end result, zero controversy, zero media calamity and zero formaldehyde emissions."

The controversy over the origninal Brazilian Blowout began last fall when the company faced a backlash from two Portland salons who reported eye and nose irritation after using the product. Since then, the FDA has launched an investigation and the California state attorney general's office has filed a lawsuit over false packaging claims.

Brady also told that he's not as concerned about the media frenzy as one might think. In fact, he claims it has resulted in significant growth in the brand's overall awareness.

"For better or worse, before the media storm maybe 10 million people knew who we were. Now, about 200 million [people] know us."

Brazilian Blowout Zero

Brazilian Blowout Zero. Photo:

And even with all of the accusations, he said clients are still loyal. "Despite the media craziness, what remains constant is a woman thinks her hair looks wonderful with it. It's an internal conflict they have."

Brady continues to stand by his original product saying it isn't going anywhere. Instead, the company will now carry both lines. And he's leaving it up to the salons to market them.

"No disrespect, but I am not engaging with the news media. We sell to licensed salons and we are allowing them to spread the word. This is what they do for a living," he said.

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