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Catherine Deneuve is one of the most stylish and celebrated beauties of European cinema, and had a long and complex relationship with Yves Saint Laurent. But, unlike a lot of people, she tells us she doesn't consider herself to have been an inspiration for the great designer.

"Muse -- I don't know if it's really the word, but I've been involved with him for a very long time," she told StyleList at Rendez-Vous with French Cinema Opening Night at the Paris Theater in New York.

Although she is widely regarded as a fashion icon, Deneuve said that her lack of sartorial interest was due to her preoccupation with her career. "Style -- I don't know because I'm an actress so it's not the thing I'm really involved with," she told us.

Nonetheless, Deneuve appreciated the luxury of being outfitted by one of the greatest fashion designers of all time. "I've been dressed for a long time by Yves Saint Laurent and I was lucky enough to know him," she said. The actress was clad in the designer's pencil skirt and pumps and paired the outfit with a black Prada top and turquoise Balenciaga clutch.

No-nonsense Deneuve told StyleList that she doesn't give any thought to how her personal style has evolved over the years. "How should I know? I don't dress for style or anything. I dress to be dressed."

In contrast to her personal apathy to fashion, the committed actress spent a great deal of time costuming herself for her film "Potiche," a comedy of female-empowerment set in France in 1977, co-starring Gérard Depardieu.

"It was very long to prepare the film because (there were) a lot of clothes, a lot of fittings," she said of the funky period fashion. On film she transforms from an easily dismissed housewife to more formal power woman and her hair and clothing reflect the dramatic changes.

"I think she seems to be more shy but you can see she's sort of emancipated. She starts having her hair longer, smoother and also wearing real suits instead of little wool jackets or things like that. She sort of takes a little more interest."

The quirky retro wardrobe even managed to amuse Deneuve, "It was quite funny, you know very 70's."

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