Michael Williams, startraks

Time to don your Mardi Gras attire, because nothing cures the winter blues like a party. And Mardi Gras is the king of them all. Staying far from the rowdy Bourbon Street scene this weekend (like most New Orleans residents), we're getting together with friends to sip Sazeracs and cut some king cake before the big day. The only question is what to wear. Read on for some Big Easy-inspired style ideas.

Dress: Purple, green and gold are the traditional colors of Mardi Gras, representing justice, faith and power respectively. This gorgeously draped Wyatt jersey dress is the perfect bold building block that rises to the occasion without being themey.

Necklaces: The tradition of throwing beaded necklaces at Mardi Gras dates back to the mid-1800s. These two necklaces offer a more refined nod to the tradition and proceeds support a charity in Rwanda. The first is an oversized string of green baubles tied with yellow ribbon, and the second is a double strand made from thousands of sunny seed beads.

Handbag or mask: Feathered masks are another staple of a proper Mardi Gras getup. If your event doesn't call for one, you can evoke the custom via a feathered clutch. This bag mimics peacock feathers and ties together the colors of your outfit.

Shoes: With the riot of colors that you've got on the top half of the outfit, it's best to opt for a more muted shoe. We'd suggest a classic nude pump, which elongates the leg. It's just about the most flattering shoe out there.