Secret Natural Mineral Deodorant

Calcium carbonate neutralizes odor in Secret's newest deodorant. Courtesy photo

With the launch of Secret's Natural Mineral deodorant in drugstores this month, it appears the demand for a natural antiperspirant option has hit the mainstream.

Formulated with calcium carbonate, the deodorant's star mineral neutralizes odors by activating Febreeze's Smart Technology in response to body-heat changes or moisture. Calcium carbonate is a prolific mineral found in everything from pearls to teeth to seashells.

However, Secret's Natural Mineral deodorant still contains the active ingredient aluminum, though in a slightly smaller dose. Whereas most deodorants on the market contain 18 to 19 percent aluminum to fight wetness, the new stick decreases that amount by 1 to 2 percentage points.

Knowing that some readers may object to the term "natural" placed on the packaging of a deodorant that contains aluminum, we asked P&G executives at the New York launch event to explain their perspective.

Higher-ups say they're meeting the Secret customer's growing interest in incorporating natural ingredients into new products, while at the same time safely guaranteeing the same level of deodorant protection and efficacy as before.

"We have found a natural alternative for odor neutralization, but have yet to find one for wetness that performs up to the standards our customers expect," said Senior Assistant Brand Manager Matthew Hollenkamp.

P&G Senior Beauty Scientist Dr. Rolanda Johnson says she understands why consumers may be troubled by reports on such controversial ingredients as aluminum and parabens, but that much of it is fear mongering bred by misinformation.

"As a woman who is at an age where I'm considering having children, believe me, these kinds of reports are a big concern to me. But you can't just believe everything you read, you have to put on an investigative hat," Johnson told StyleList.

"When you read a study, ask yourself, What was the population tested? How was the test conducted? Were they able to reproduce the same results again? A lot of times, stories you read on the Internet don't share all the results and data, which change things dramatically," advised Johnson.

Above all, you should always consider the news source, and weigh any biases it may have, added Johnson.

Retailing at $4.29 each, the new deodorants come in a choice of Eucalyptus Blossom, Lemongrass Mint, and unscented, and are currently rolling out to drugstore shelves.

We put the unscented version to the test on a day that included a 10-block mad dash to a meeting while bundled in a winter coat, scarf and gloves. Personal preliminary results revealed that, yes, the Natural Mineral deodorant protected equally as well as our regular Secret Scent Expressions stick.

Our train mates were most grateful.

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