Lady Gaga Nail Artist Aya Fukuda

Aya Fukuda created Lady Gaga's manicure for "Born This Way." Courtesy Photo

Stuck in a manicure rut? Hair Room Service by Michael Dueñas has the answer: a house call by none other than Aya Fukuda, the nail guru who designed Lady Gaga's "paws" for her "Born This Way" video.

"When I designed Lady Gaga's nails for 'Born This Way,' I was inspired by her eccentric yet glamorous style," says Fukuda. "Designing nails for her is really fun and truly a piece of art. The nail incorporated Swarovski crystals in jet color and silver metal, with a vibrant red and black polish from Priti NYC. All this was encompassed on a longer, almond nail-shaped tip. I am excited to now share this art with the rest of NYC by providing house calls throughout the city."

With prices starting as low as $65, Fukuda is ready to whip nails into their own unique masterpieces in the comfort of your own New York City home, office or, if you happen to be doing the touristy thing, hotel.

Hair Room Service also offers hair, makeup and personal styling services if you really want to live the glamorous lifestyle. And as an added bonus, if you book a service with nails, you'll receive a 10 percent discount until April 30, 2011.

Lady Gaga Manicure


So get crackin', ladies, because you were born this way, baby.

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