lady gaga meat dress designer

Designer Franc Fernandez, Lady Gaga in her infamous meat dress. Vallery Jean, FilmMagic | Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images

Franc Fernandez, creator of Lady Gaga's infamous meat dress, gave us the inside scoop on his current endeavors (such as creating a talk show), how he got into fashion and what life has been like post-Gaga.

StyleList: Since creating the 50-pound matambre beef dress for Lady Gaga, how has your career changed?
Franc Fernandez: I feel like I have a voice now as an artist and as a designer. I also have a voice to help other designers, which is why I flew out here to support these emerging talents.

StyleList: Was it stressful to work backstage at the VMAs, literally sewing pieces of meat together while the dress was on Lady Gaga?
F.F.: I really work best under pressure and working with meat as a material requires you to do it last minute.

StyleList: Would you ever create another meat dress for a different celebrity?
F.F.: No, I wouldn't. Lady Gaga is the only pop star I'd create a dress like that for.

StyleList: You created a diamond costume for Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" video, and she wore one of your hats to this year's Grammys. Are you currently working on any interesting costumes?
F.F.: Well, I'm not working on anything now. The most recent was the hat Lady Gaga wore to the Grammys. I just flew in from Paris tonight. I was there collaborating on the Thierry Mugler show, which Lady Gaga was in.

StyleList: What do you think has made you so successful as a designer?
F.F.: I know how to have a good relationship with people. I don't see myself as a designer. I'm more of an artist.

StyleList: You started off making hats for you and your friends. How would people react when they saw you wearing them? Also, where can one buy a hat and how much does one cost?
F.F.: I started wearing them out to this really fun L.A. party called Mustache Mondays. Everyone would get dressed up. At the club it was fine, but outside I would get looks. But it's fun to get looks! The hats are all made to order. They aren't available to the public. I don't really know how much one costs. I don't like to discuss money.

StyleList: You also direct videos and take photographs. Are you still working as a freelance graphic artist with an architectural firm?
F.F.: I always do graphic arts. I'm not working with the firm anymore. I'm more into creating videos right now. I'm also working as a creative director for a talk show that's going to be a conversation piece between a host and different artists. Casey Spooner is going to be the host.

StyleList: Where do you assemble your headpieces and artwork?
F.F.: I have a studio in L.A. that I work out of, but I can work out of anywhere as long as I have my tools. I just did it in Paris for the Thierry Mugler show, and in New York.

StyleList: Where did you go to school and what did you study?
F.F.: I went to the Art Center of Design and dropped out. Then I went to architecture school and dropped out. Basically, if you have an idea of what you want to do just drop out... (Laughs)

StyleList: What are your future goals?
F.F.: I never think about the future. I just go with the flow.

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