Osmotics Cosmeceuticals Ampoules

Osmotics Cosmeceuticals Ampoules. Courtesy Photo

If you have sensitive skin that reacts to much of what you put on it, new launches by Osmotics Cosmeceuticals may be exactly what the doctor ordered.

Founded by fellow sensitive skin sufferer Francine Porter in 1993, the brand has since catered to the needs of people in search of sun protection and anti-aging skincare that doesn't cause a reaction with persnickety skin.

Blue copper peptide, an element that stimulates collagen and elasticity renewal, is a key anti-aging ingredient in the new products. "The color blue is particular to this type of peptide, which we've seen very significant results from in lab testing," Porter told StyleList.

For those with sensitivities, the stripping of skin's natural oils that comes with cleansing is a common complaint. Osmotics attempts to address the issue with the Blue Copper Anti Aging Cleansing Gelèe, which uses a sulfate-free cleansing agent that is naturally derived from sugar. Calming aloe vera keeps skin hydrated through the cleansing process, while lavender oil serves as a non-drying natural antiseptic. "It pairs well with a Clarisonic," said Porter.

Sunscreens can prove especially tricky for sensitive types who react to chemical fillers. The Age Prevention Sheer Facial Tints SPF 45 come in light, medium and dark shades, and feature micronized zinc oxide as non-irritating yet wholly effective UV ray absorber. "Micronized zinc oxide blocks both A and B rays. It's especially important to block those A rays, which we now know are the most damaging kind -- and which so many sunscreens on the market don't adequately protect against, or protect from at all," said Porter.

And if your skin is raw and calling out for help, Osmotics is offering a Blue Copper 5 Molecular Repair Treatment set of seven ampoules that are to be used for seven consecutive days as a spa-like calming treatment. Each ampoule contains concentrated amounts of the signature copper, as well as, super antioxidant L-Carnosine and a host of pentapeptides. A hyaluronic acid derivative hydrates skin, while special seed extracts target damaged skin regeneration.

Priced at a steep $125, Porter says each generous-sized ampoule is really enough for two days (although we easily got three days out of just one), which includes a full face and neck application.

For skin that finally rests soothed and at ease, the price may be worth the cost of admission.

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