target go international dress collection event

Liv Tyler, Michelle Trachtenberg and Chloe Sevigny arrive at the Target Go International Designer Collective Influencer Event in New York. Scott Gries, PictureGroup

What goes around comes around when it comes to Target's Go International dresses.

The retailer celebrated the launch of its rehash collection Thursday evening at the Opening Ceremony shop in New York's Ace Hotel with a shopping party that featured 34 styles from half as many designers. Celebrities and guests mingled, all angling to get their hands on dresses they'd missed the first time around.

"I'm going to buy the store," "Gossip Girl's" Michelle Tractenberg told StyleList. "I'm actually going to look for some past collaborations that I missed out on. There were some pieces from the Libertine collection and Zac Posen's collection. I see polka dots and animal prints and I'm running."

"I think my nieces are going to go crazy for these clothes," designer Anna Sui, told StyleList. "I'm a big fan of Rodarte and this black dress is pretty cute," she said, gesturing to one of the 11 her companion was carrying, "who is that by? Alice Temperley."

Celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson, holding a full shopping bag for his wife, told StyleList, "It's like Egypt and Libya combined," of the frenetic shopping.

Actress Olivia Munn knows the sting of the 'one that got away,' so she was taking no chances, lining up early for the Zac Posen dresses.

"There was actually this one vintage dress that I saw at What Goes Around Comes Around and I didn't get it," she explained to StyleList. "I thought, where am I going to wear it?" And she didn't get it but, "I felt that immediate regret and I went back to get it but it was gone," she lamented. "Now, late night, I go online and try to find it – it's impossible. When I find something, I try to think how I will feel if I don't have it. And if you have nowhere to wear it, you can always wash dishes in it."

Speaking of dresses, Chloe Sevigny's got the market cornered on wearing odd, conservative ones on her show "Big Love," some of which the actress has actually kept. "I have fond memories of being on that show and I actually saved the dress," she wore in the most recent episode where her character Nicki's brother was going to kill her, she told StyleList. "I'm going to keep it around as a keepsake – maybe I'll wear it for Halloween sometime. Maybe my child in the future will want to wear it."

Maybe not.

We'll stick to Target's Go International dresses, which hit the stores starting this Sunday, March 13. In the meantime, check out our video, below, of the star-studded shopping event.