No!No! Skin

No!No! Skin. Courtesy Photo

Oh, those two major nuisances of women's lives: zits and unwanted hair.

No!No! has launched two new devices that tackle both issues with daring claims.

No!No! Skin uses laser technology that purports to result in 81 percent of pimple clearance within 24 hours, while No!No! Hair asserts an up to 94 percent reduction in hair regrowth after a series of treatments.

But do the fancy gadgets live up to the hype? I played guinea pig to find out.

Having tried other zit zappers on the market with minimal to nil results, I honestly wasn't expecting much from the No!No! Skin gizmo. Boy, was I wrong.

The sleek silver tool uses the same light and heat energy phototherapy technology that doctors use in their offices, albeit in a reduced strength safe for consumers to wield. With the push of a button, a pulse of light radiates into the clogged pore to kill bacteria, while the heat emitted soothes inflammation and redness.

How it works: You place the tip directly onto the head of the zit, and press the button to emit 10 seconds worth of pulsating light, which gives off warm waves. You repeat the process twice for each zit that you're treating, morning and night.

OK, the truth: I'm obsessed.

This is the closest thing I've found to a cortisone injection at the dermatologist's office, which is practically guaranteed to quash zits.

The trick is, you have to zap that zit the moment you feel it spinning its angry red fury deep in your pores. If you do, I find that this godsend gadget really does meet the claim of clearing 81 percent of the zit within 24 hours. Dare I say, I've even experienced 100 percent clearance several times -- which sure makes for a good day in the neighborhood.

Even cooler? Bumps treated on the body respond just as swiftly.

Comfort-wise, the pulsation is warm, and occasionally hot on thin-skinned areas of the face, like the temples and forehead hairline. But overall, the process is so easy and breezy, that I often pulse while I brush my teeth.

What I especially like is that you need only plug in to recharge; there's no repurchasing of any parts that may wear out or expire. While the $180 cost is steep upfront, I think it's well worth the investment to have a legitimate zit zapper in the convenience of your home, office -- and wherever else life may take you, as I'll never be without this saving grace again.

Zits, checked. Body hair next.

No!No! Hair 8800

No!No! Hair 8800. Courtesy Photo

First off, let me make this clear, because at first I didn't quite get it: The newly renovated No!No! Hair 8800 is not a laser device.

The tool uses a patented Thermicon technology that emits a wave of heat to remove hair below the skin's surface.

Because it's not a laser, the remover is universally safe for everyone to use, no matter skin tone or hair type. No!No! claims that with time and consistent use, your hair will grow back more slowly and appear thinner and lighter.

You simply select a small or wider head, depending on the size of the area you're treating, and then roll the device against the grain of natural hair growth. It can take a few passes over one area to remove the hair. The brand then suggests you "buff" the area smooth to remove any hairs left in the follicles, with the included body buffer.

The new 8800 cordless model differs from the original that launched the brand into recognition, in that it now features an LCD status screen to let you know how much charge is left in the battery, and alerts you when the Thermicon tips that emit the heat energy need replacement.

Expecting a zap of heat (no pain, no gain, right?), I was surprised to find the warmth very gentle and even massage-like, as I rolled the tool along the surface of my skin. There are three levels of heat, and even the highest one was completely comfortable for me.

Unfortunately, my coarse dark hair proved too tough for the roller. Try as I might, I couldn't get all of the hair on my legs or arms off, no matter how meticulously I rolled the device; I would guesstimate that 40 percent was removed. Someone with finer hair may enjoy better results, but these gams did not.

I fared much better treating my face, with a special small head option that is included with the device. Removal of peach fuzz on the sides of the cheeks and above the top lip was far more adept, and most amazingly, truly painless. I didn't even experience any redness afterward, only a bit of dryness, which No!No! says is to be expected, and easily enough abated with moisturizer.

Priced at $270, it's definitely an investment, though one I would consider even if just for facial hair removal, for the convenience, control and no-fuss performance. Plus, waxing and threading services can easily add up to that in one year.

Who knew that getting "tooled" could be so beautiful?

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