If you're hitting the road and heading towards sunnier skies for a much-need vacation, the last thing you want to worry about -- while sipping fruity cocktails -- is high-maintenance hair, right?

So we took inspiration from the Miami Beach International Fashion Week 2011 and compiled the chicest and simplest vacation hairstyles -- perfect for a day at the beach in your sexy two-piece or a glammed-up night on the town.

"We're seeing a movement toward smoother, shinier hair, regardless of the styles worn," said Antonio Corral-Calero, the mastermind behind all the runway looks and Moroccanoil Artistic Director. And just in time for summer, many of those looks were adorned with gorgeous, ocean-like waves. Call it the New Wave, if you will!

Wavy chignon vacation hairstyle

Chignon hairstyle at Miami Beach International Fashion Week. Photos: Charles Allan Smith for Moroccanoil

The Wavy Chignon
One of the most dramatic hair looks on the runway was a series of innovative chignons inspired by portraits by famed Spanish artist Julio Romero de Torres, as remembered by Corral-Calero during his childhood in Barcelona. The deep side-parted hair was swept over to cover the ear on one side with a subtle wave pattern. It was then pulled back and styled in smooth, rolled layers of hair that formed unique, very modern designs in the shape of a sea shell. Perfect for the beach!

wavy hairstyle vacation hairstyle

Wavy hairstyle at Miami Beach International Fashion Week. Photo: Photo: Charles Allan Smith for Moroccanoil

The Long Wave
Beautiful, full-bodied waves also energized the runway. "My inspiration was the freedom of the '70s and the sensuality of '60s French film siren Brigitte Bardot," said Corral-Calero. "I wanted the hair to look very L.A. and Miami, and very sexy."

To make the look even more modern, he separated and styled the ends of the hair so they appeared almost ragged. "I had the glamorous allure of mermaids in mind when we created these looks: very sensual and elegant."

wavy ponytail vacation hairstyle

Wavy ponytail at Miami Beach International Fashion Week. Photo: Charles Allan Smith for Moroccanoil

The Wavy Pony
While ponytails will never go out of fashion, the hottest ones on this year's runway were sleek and sophisticated. The sides of the hair were smoothed, tied above the nape of the neck and wrapped with a section of the hair around the base. The top of the head was sprayed with Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray, to give the hair a wet appearance. The tail was then given dramatic, soft waves.

All the looks were held together with Moroccanoil products for a soft look with tons of movement. "The Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray gives beautiful natural-looking shine and a healthy texture, which also helped finish the look," added Corra-Calero. "I finished all the looks with a light misting of Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Spray before the girls went out on the runway."

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