Beauty Trends Kansas City Missouri


Dear StyleList,

Kansas City, Missouri, is a sophisticated outpost in the heart of the Midwest. We may run a little behind the coasts when it comes to the latest trends and styles, but when we do embrace a look, we make our mark on it and own it.

Hair: Shoulder length and choppy. We're seeing lots of side-parts, long, swoopy bangs and tons of fun layers that aren't blended in, but rather stacked along the head. These styles make an easy, quick transition from work to play. Harsh and artificial highlights have faded and are starting to be replaced with soft lowlights to accentuate natural hair color. While straight hair is still the most popular choice, soft curls and waves are making a comeback.

Beauty Trends in Kansas City Moon manicures nude lips

Over-the-moon nails and nude lips are cool in Kansas City. Photos: J. Graylock, | Ethan Miller, Getty Images

Nails: Over-the-moon manicures and bi-color styles are still holding strong. The bi-color styles are tons of fun, with the thumb, index and pinkie finger pained one color, and middle and ring finger another. Colors, however are stepping away from darks and pinks to bright, unusual colors like greens and blues as well as metallics. Red is also here in a big way – Kansas City women tend to coat thier nails in a variety of vintage reds as well as some updated colors that have some sparkle to them.

Lips: Lips are sheer and natural during the day, with reds bursting out at night - especially blue-based reds, which flatter women with teeth discoloration and give a glamorous, cool look. In addition to reds, oranges are also emerging as a fun alternative. Nude lips are very popular right now as well – and not just among the Jersey Shore fans!

Eyes: Eyes are shining in K.C., with glitter and sparkles in normally matte shades. Purples and violets are big, as is the smoky eye at night. The brown smoky eye is making a huge splash, not just for nights out but the office, too. Ladies who favor bright lips are keeping their eyes toned down and neutral, with shaped brows, lightly-lined eyes and defined lashes, and minimal shadow.

"It's a wonderful feeling to know that while you may be wearing the latest hairstyle or lip-color, you know that it's with a K.C. flair," says local make-up artist Kaileen Wilson. We may not be in New York or L.A. or even Chicago, but K.C. ladies have a signature style all our own.