While much of the luxury market has sputtered and sunk during the past few years of economic recession, one brand has grown exponentially: Tocca Beauty.

A spin-off the Italian fashion house, the line of Old World, European-inspired candles, fragrances and delicate laundry wash enjoys a cultlike following.

Scent names are inspired by the stories of sensual and strong women, from the sweet amber musk of Cleopatra to the elegant blossom of Grace's Casablanca lily base.

Tocca SPF 30+ Sunscreen Towelettes

Tocca SPF 30+ Sunscreen Towelettes. Courtesy of Tocca

"Our philosophy is to create something beautiful but accessible," Tocca Beauty President Gordon Finkelstein told StyleList at a recent press event at the brand's New York showroom. "I think that's part of the reason we've grown these past years. We're an affordable luxury," Finkelstein said of the $38 candles, which often hold retail space beside the $65-plus home fragrance crowd.

"Plus, we're still in our infancy," Gordon said of the mid-'90s founded brand. "When you're small, you can grow."

Burgeoning exposure on the shelves of Anthropologie, Sephora and SpaceNK has lured a customer who enjoys the experience of fine fragrance in every part of the home and on the body in unexpected ways.

With the successful launch of SPF 30 Sunscreen Towelettes last season, the individually packaged wipes will now debut in the brand's popular blood-orange Stella scent. Each cloth is loaded with the physical blocks of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, with one wipe enough to offer complete coverage if you're wearing a T-shirt and shorts.

Finally, a sexy sunscreen scent more imaginative than your standard coconut slather.

Tocca Eau de Parfum Roller Ball and Fragrance

Tocca Eau de Parfum Roller Ball and Fragrance. Courtesy of Tocca

The brand's most iconic scent, Cleopatra, will anchor the brand's first Eau de Parfum Roller Ball, blending a base of patchouli, amber and vanilla musk with sparkling notes of grapefruit, jasmine and peach nectar for $20. Lattice-like lace adorns the pen, which will be available exclusively at Sephora.

Another recent brand addition that we were surprised to discover is the aloe, olive oil and Vitamin E-infused collection of lipglosses.

As for what's next on the horizon, Tocca is looking to offer its satchel fragrance bottles in travel-friendly sizes next year, a move inspired by the popularity of this past season's select holiday collection of mini sizes.

With a weakness for anything both fabulous and tiny, we can't wait to scoop them up to show off on our vanity tables and next to the bathtub.

And we're sure Cleopatra would approve.

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