Advanced Style: Age and Beauty on

If you think age doesn't equate to beauty and style, you haven't met New York's most fashionable older women behind photographer Ari Seth Cohen's Advanced Style blog.

Today, his iconic style mavens are featured in a short -- and oh so fun -- film on created by filmmaker Lina Plioplyte. Trust us, this could be the best two minutes of your day.

Termed "anti-fashion fashion" by one of the ladies wearing an Andy Warhol-style bracelet, these senior fashionistas are making a grand statement.

"Hearing them speak about clothing is so fascinating," Cohen said on the site. "There is history and memories in what they are wearing and I think it's important to show that storytelling aspect, as well as their vitality and creativity."

You've got textile guru Iris Apfel with her signature owl glasses, artist Ilona Royce Smithkin in bright orange eyelashes and other women adorning leopard sunglasses, bright feather scarves, men's jackets and bold chunky earrings.

"I don't want to go around like a dreary old lady," one woman said.

As great as these women are, Cohen said he'd also like to add Yoko Ono, Richard Avedon's 60s muse China Machado and Jane Schmitt, who was featured recently in the Lanvin X H&M campaign. We can think of one other style queen who should have been a part of this iconic group: Elizabeth Taylor.

It's timeless fashion, bold color and the permission to be creative that get these women noticed on the streets of the Big Apple.

"Walking around New York taking photographs, I noticed how many young girls are appropriating style from older women: leopard print, fur, turbans and hats," said Cohen. "In general, the older women wear these things naturally, with more confidence."

Confident, indeed.

"I don't dress for anybody else. I dress for myself," added one woman. "If somebody doesn't like what I'm wearing, I don't give a shit."

Meanwhile, check out another one of Cohen's older and bolder models!