Want a salon-worthy blowout without the hefty price tag? Celebrity stylist and colorist Eva Scrivo says it's all about the brush and how you use it.

In the video above, Scrivo shares her insider trade secrets on creating the perfect beachy waves.

Read on for the step-by-step instructions:

1. Start with dry hair.
2. Divide hair into two-inch sections and spray with water until 50 percent moist.
3. Holding a round brush vertically, gently roll the hair around it, working it closer to the head.
4. Keep the dryer one inch from the hair to avoid burning it.
5. Allow hair to cool for a moment and then gently unravel it from the brush in a twisting motion.

Voila! Now you can have beautiful, sexy waves that will make others wonder, "Who does her hair?"

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