Jason Merritt, Getty Images

It seems those movie superhero costumes are every bit as uncomfortable as they look.

In "Super," which opens Friday, Rainn Wilson plays an average Joe who tries to win back his wife by taking on a sidekick (Ellen Page) and fighting crime as comic book alter-egos.

"It was hot and I was sweaty. It wasn't fun," Wilson told StyleList of his red Spandex costume as the Crimson Bolt. "I'm a guy from the Pacific Northwest. I'm the most comfortable in jeans and a flannel shirt."

Fortunately for fashion-lovers, Liv Tyler is also in the film.

"I watched 'The Hulk' as a child growing up, and I did have Wonder Woman Underoos," she shared with us about her own childhood with comic book characters. But, she did break out a little more than Underoos for the film's premiere.

"I still enjoy getting dressed up and doing the red carpet," Tyler said. "I'm not tiny. I'm not big, but I'm not a size two. I'm tall and I'm broad. I usually collaborate with Givenchy."

Tyler has been working with Givenchy for the past eight years, but at "Super" her slim fitted black pants and black blazer were Helmut Lang. "Tonight though, I only have my black Givenchy clutch and I'm wearing their lipstick. My shoes are Christian Louboutin."

"My mother and my grandmother were both models, I'm pretty natural," she said of her beauty look. "I wont go out with a full face of makeup on just in my daily life. I do always have a little something on though."

Tyler's shiny hair was tended to by hairstylist David Babaii (read his about secrets to styling Liv here.) "When I read the script for this movie, I wanted to try a new look with my hair for this character," she said, laughing. "That was a disaster! I went blond. It totally washed me out completely. I can do platinum but not medium blond. We had to fix that right away!"

Ellen Page also spent most of the movie in Spandex superhero garb, but she told us she doesn't get caught up much with fashion.

"I like it, but really I just want to be comfortable," she said, dressed simply in head-to-toe black. "Basically, I have a friend that helps me out. I just try to not look stupid."