caddyHow many times have you been out and about, meeting planners and caterers and trying on gowns, your hands are full, your mind is more so, and oh, what you wouldn't give for an awesome little caddy to carry your life in (by life we mean small items like lipstick and a credit card, but you probably knew that)?

That's right, a caddy. It turns out that caddies aren't just for golf these days. Or tea. They are sleek and discreet, stylish and practical, and in the case of the Cool-It-Caddy, also integrated with a chemical coolant and lightweight insulation layers for freeze-and-go portability even on the hottest days (see, golf courses).

They also fit nicely inside purses, briefcases, backpacks and golf and diaper bags, just in case you're life is a bit bigger than we previously discussed.

And they are available for men, too!

That's why one lucky reader has won a pair of Cool-It-Caddys, a His and a Hers, and that one lucky reader is Tiffany Phoenix. Congrats, Tiffany, on staying cool.

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