rihanna rolling stone

Rihanna graces the covers of Vogue and Rolling Stone

graces the covers this month of two of the biggest magazines of her career. Both shoots are most definitely RiRi, and in both she sports her unnaturally fire-engine red hair. But that's where the similarities end. It's like a newsstand version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Shot by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue, Rihanna channels old-school Hollywood glamour in a pre-Fall Chanel mermaid gown. Her hair is sleek and smooth, evoking classic Veronica Lake.

On Rolling Stone, the singer dons some ripped-all-the-way-to-there denim Daisy Dukes and a tank. Her hair has gone the way of a Muppet in an arresting Afro of epic proportions.

Even the cover lines belie the two Rihannas being delivered to the public.

Vogue: "On Fame, Family and How She Really Feels About Her Curves."

Rolling Stone: "Pop's Queen of Pain on Sexting, Bad Boys & Her Attraction to the Dark Side."

On Vogue, Rihanna is softly pretty; on Rolling Stone, she channels a trailer park look.

The magazine dichotomy was a carefully calculated move to cement the star as a fashion darling and pop icon, while moving her into the down-home market as she prepares to perform this weekend at the Country Music Awards.

Kudos to RiRi's publicity team for this one.