Biomega Shake It!

Biomega Shake It! Courtesy Photo

Created in response to stylist requests, a new styling aid from Biomega might soon have you shouting, "Shake it!" The powdery product, which is called Shake It!, blends with other products to adjust to each user's hair care needs.

"After testing Shake It!, our stylists came back to us saying, 'I can finally create customized formulas for every client!" Luis Alvarez, co-founder and vice president creative of Aquage and Biomega, told Stylelist.

The Biomega line of hair care and styling products is dedicated to maintaining hair that's regularly color- and heat-treated. The gentle formulas are free of sulfates, parabens, sodium-chloride and gluten, and they're loaded with lightweight omega EFAs (essential fatty acids).

Though Biomega Styling Shake It! Volume Boosting Activator looks like it might be a hair powder or dry shampoo, it most certainly is not. When you shake this transformative powder into your hand and combine it with any styling or texturizing product, you now have a volume-amplifying version of said product.

Biomega Behave

Biomega Behave. Courtesy Photo

The more Shake It! you add, the stronger the hold and greater the volume you'll create. The powder can't be used on its own; it must be activated by another styling product.

We combined a few sprinkles of Shake It! with Biomega's new Behave Smoothing Elixir and massaged a bit into our roots, and then raked the rest through the length of our hair before blow-drying. The result was bulk that our fine, limp hair hasn't seen in years.

The best part? Our hair didn't feel sticky or untouchable. It was soft and shiny, probably due to the omega-rich oils and UV- and heat-protective ingredients in Smoothing Elixir's formula. Shake it!

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