British designer Erdem Moraliuglo hosted a trunk show at Saks Fifth Avenue. Courtesy photo.

His dresses may cost several thousand dollars, but that doesn't mean it's all champagne taste for designer Erdem Moraliuglo.

The London-based designer, who works under his first name, has a penchant for a few simple, and touristy, things when he visits New York. "I love cucumber margaritas at this little place on Elizabeth Street, Café Habana for [roasted] corn, Gray's Papaya and J. Crew," he shared with StyleList. "We don't have J. Crew in the U.K. And I'm going to go to the Cooper Hewitt to see the Sonia Delaunay and the MOMA to see the German expressionism."

Moraliuglo jetted into New York for a trunk show at Saks Fifth Avenue Wednesday afternoon and was rewarded with his dresses being shown in six of the windows on Fifth Avenue. "I was thrilled," he admitted. "It's so rare that you go out on Fifth Avenue and have a street of you. I loved it. And it's such a sunny day as well. I felt like a proud parent taking pictures of the windows."

As for the trunk show, "I'm always surprised how different our customers are," he shared. "I like to think she's very individual and not thinking about seasons, but is acquiring something that she genuinely loves. She marches to her own drummer – she's really strong."

Moraliuglo, who has an English mother, a Turkish father, grew up in Montreal and works in London, believes his multi-culti upbringing manifests itself through his preoccupation with color, which is brightly evident in every piece of his collection. And his collection was inspired by artwork. "I was really inspired by abstraction and the idea that she tore up a canvas and wore it," he said, adding, "I wanted it to feel very sexy – it's more about a woman."

Speaking of artwork, Moraliuglo's idea of mixing high-low is just a bit different than mixing say a Target T with a designer skirt. "Maybe I'll take a hot dog to the Cooper-Hewitt," he said with a wink, "Who knows?"

Erdem Moraliuglo Saks Fifth Avenue

Fall 2011 frocks at Erdem Moraliuglo's Saks Fifth Avenue trunk show. Courtesy photo.