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Gathering a wedding party is somewhat akin to amassing a small army. There are battles over dresses and napkins and whether or not the DJ should play that chicken dance song. It's hectic. However, none of that should trickle down too far. That's where the ring bearer is standing, and he's too young to deal with such adult tensions. Except for the chicken dance. He's for it, and really, doesn't he deserve that much?

The ring bearer is part of the "ah" moment -- the cute duo consisting of the young man and his lovely counterpart with the petals. They give everyone a smile and a chance to prep their tears. Plus, rings aren't cheap. It's a lot of pressure on a kid.

What the ring bearer wears shouldn't be a concern. You've got enough trouble with the DJ (hokey pokey? really?). Don't fret! The good people at Nautica are teaming with to help. One lucky reader won a boy's suit from Nautica, and their ring bearing day will be so fresh and so clean. And then smeared with unattended pieces of cake.

That lucky reader is Barbara Coatsworth. Congrats, Barbara!

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