Hammitt's True Blood-inspired Eric bag. Courtesy photo.

A handbag collaboration with a television show? Yeah, we were rolling our eyes too. That is until we heard the name of the designer . . . and the show.

Los Angeles-based handbag line Hammitt is a cult favorite with starlets like Angelina Jolie for its hand-crafted Italian leather construction. And HBO's "True Blood" is a cult favorite for its, well, sexiness. The combination of the two results in please-touch leather bags with studs and detailing inspired by characters on the show. For example, the Eric appears to be a straightforward black crossbody, but turned sideways reveals itself to be pierced with silver bullet-like studs. The Sookie has a sweet, vintage appeal, all ladylike closures and gathered gray suede, but its gussets hide edgy rivets.

The handbags hit stores this summer to coincide with the new season of True Blood. And you can bet we'll be sinking our teeth into one.

Hammitt's Sookie (left) and Lafayette bags. Courtesy photos.