Laura Geller Spackle Tinted Under Make-Up Primer

Laura Geller Spackle Tinted Under Make-Up Primer. Courtesy Photo

Forget layering makeup and blending an army of eye shadows on your lids.

Instead, look to the latest beauty technology to get you out the door faster, yet more naturally radiant and polished than before.

That's what one of makeup's most gregarious personalities, Laura Geller, tells us. We caught up with the makeup artist at her Upper East Side, Manhattan, studio, where the brains behind QVC's second most popular beauty brand stressed the importance of simplification.

"Women don't want to do the base, lid, crease, lash line and so on every day. Who has time for it? So for eyes, I preach the philosophy of the three E's: eyebrow, eyeliner and eyelash," says Geller.

To rock the eye definition formula, first quickly dab lids with concealer if redness and darkness are distracting. Then gently fill in brows with a powder that's one shade lighter than your natural brow color. Draw a defining line on your lash line or lower rim with a black or smoky brown shade, and finish with a coat or two of eye opening mascara.

For those who love the look of color on the lower rim but suffer raccoon eye when they attempt it, Geller's new Eye Rimz are swirls of pigment-rich powder that can be applied wet or dry for a more dramatic or subtle look. Each pot comes with a liner brush meant to deposit the right amount of color on rims, so that color stays where you put it.

"I know we say you can wear it wet or dry, but don't waste your time using it dry. Applying powder wet has more impact, and gives you longer lasting wear throughout the day," says Geller.

While the beauty industry has seen the rise of airy whipped foundations and concealers in recent seasons, Geller is bringing the texture to bronzer and lip color. These kinds of soufflé-like formulas smooth evenly over skin, allowing you to spread and blend pigment much more quickly than traditional liquids and creams.

Yet there's one potential trade-off to beauty's new whipped formulas: Because they contain more moisture, pots can dry out if left opened for long periods of time. Once you've applied the product, be sure to close the cap completely to prevent caking.

Laura Geller Air Whipped Bronzer and Lip Wear

Laura Geller Air Whipped Bronzer and Lip Wear. Courtesy Photos

Though hesitant at first, we tried Geller's Air Whipped Bronzer -- which also comes with a brush -- and found that the velvety finish was super easy to blend, in part due to the dermal filler and squalene that make the formula float over skin.

Geller's Air Whipped Lip Mousse Duos come packed two to a box, and the packaging reminded us of cream eye shadows with wand applicators. Made with collagen-filling microspheres, shea butter and peptides, we found that the Magenta and Innocent Mousse duo was surprisingly pigment-rich, like a lipstick, but with the moisturizing feel and soft finish of a lip gloss.

But best yet, the lip treats consolidated our tedious lip liner, lipstick, lip gloss routine into one step that applied with just a couple swipes.

While primer is a step many women skip for want of not adding additional product to the regimen, Geller says the essential prep can actually save you time on foundation application and cost by allowing you to use less product.

Geller's trademark Spackle product -- so named when a prominent newscaster client kept telling the makeup artist, "I need more than foundation today. I hope you've got spackle with you!" -- is reinvented this season in a rose-gold brightening shade called Ethereal.

"It's not good enough today to just have makeup that looks pretty on you. It has to do something for you," says Geller of the product.

Made with licorice-root extract, the glowy base fights skin pigmentation by inhibiting melanin production. Aloe, chamomile and marigold soothe and moisturize, while the tinted veil of color provides light coverage that some may find sufficient by itself during lighter warm weather days.

Lighter and brighter, and it's going to save us time, too? Sign us up!

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