Dr. Hauschka Radiant You collection

Dr. Hauschka Radiant You collection. Courtesy Photo

Holistic beauty fans know Dr. Hauschka as one of the most luxurious natural brands on the market, offering products replete with pure essential oils, botanicals and organic nutrients.

But fans also know that sampling the line has always been a near-impossible challenge, as only full-sized products are sold on the shelves of Whole Foods and high-end spas and wellness boutiques.

That is, until now.

The German brand is introducing Radiant You introductory kits that sample four of the foundational products of the line: Lavender Bath, Cleansing Cream, Facial Toner and Rejuvenating Mask. Kits will come in a choice of normal/dry and oily skin types.

While the kits will retail for $11.95 at stores, you can score up to a dozen for free by hosting a spa party for your friends by signing up on the brand's website.

The cool thing? You don't need to hawk or sell anything to your dear unsuspecting and beleaguered friends.

Instead, Dr. Hauschka only requires that you submit at least 30 seconds of video footage from your party within 90 days of the event, via the brand's YouTube channel or on a disc through snail mail. You must also have at least six guests in attendance, though no more than 12, including yourself.

If you don't submit video, you'll simply be charged for the kits at their retail rate, plus shipping and handling.

The kits come with instructions on how to best use the products, which in practice are all highly ritualistic and relaxing.

To start, about a quarter of the Lavender Bath oil vial is swished into a bowl of warm water for an aromatherapy experience that not only calmed our senses, but eased our mind, as we gently patted the healing waters into our skin with a soft washcloth.

Next, a squiggle of the Cleansing Cream is mixed in the palm of the hand with a few drops of the lavender water for a comforting lather. The cleanser is applied to the face with a "press and roll" motion from the center of the face outward, which is meant to stimulate the skin's natural rhythmic motions of cleansing.

After gently patting off the cleanser with a Lavender Bath-seeped washcloth, a splash of toner is poured into the palm of hand, and splashed on the face, neck and décolleté for a refreshing finish. Guests can optionally enjoy the Rejuvenating Mask treatment at the end, which needs 20 to 30 minutes to work its magic before you remove it.

The brand's philosophy is that the gentle, hydrating ingredients of the above products should leave skin comfortably balanced, with no need to use a night moisturizer. In fact, Dr. Hauschka preaches against it, essentially saying that the skin needs to "breathe" during the detoxifying nocturnal sleeping hours.

We welcome the simplification.

And if you're intrigued by Dr. Hauschka's skincare philosophy, check out our firsthand experience with the brand's two-hour signature facial introduction.