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Blog: My Style Pill

Blogger: Christine Cameron

Where she lives: New York City

Her thing: The self proclaimed "chameleon" doesn't just re-wear her clothes, she remixes them. Exhibit A: she took a plaid skirt and styled three different ways (each very telling of her personality) The first was prepster; adding a tweed blazer, the second was classic; donning faux fur collar and vintage jacket, and the third was edgy; the most jarring with a black leather jacket and boots.

Christine is constantly challenging herself to create new looks and keeps her eyes peeled for new sources of inspiration, be it on the streets or in the blogosphere.

When she's not blogging: She's doing closet consulting and styling. She also loves yoga, photography and dance.

She can't believe she ever wore: "Those silly triangle tops back in college when we would go out dancing. I would pair one of those with tight black pants and black wedge-type slip-on shoes. Oh dear."

Christine's fashion fact: "Denim and jeans are usually thought of and considered to be veer American, but denim actually gets its name from Nimes, France where it was originally made."

Where else to find her:
Twitter: @mystylepill