Bite Beauty

Bite Beauty lip line. Courtesy Photo

It's not every day you pucker up to a lipstick that has the antioxidant equivalent of five glasses of red wine.

So it was with intrigue that we played with Bite Beauty's new line of lip products that purport the claim, in addition to using antioxidant-rich super foods and food grade colorants that the FDA deems safe enough to eat.

From cream lipsticks to sheer glosses to creamy lip butters, the goodies range in price from $18 to $24, and are rolling out to select Sephora stores and on this month.

And it's the first lipstick line to contain red wine resveratrol, which is known for its potent anti-aging benefits. Founder Susanne Langmuir tells StyleList that it was time spent in Europe that inspired her whole business concept.

"After recently living in the South of France for a year enjoying the lifestyle, resveratrol was an active that I had heard so much about. There is so much research to validate resveratrol's health benefits, and I loved that it was a naturally-derived active," Langmuir tells StyleList.

In keeping with the more organic goal, Langmuir also replaced several typical cosmetic synthetics with natural alternatives.

Fruit butters and castor oil substitute mineral oil and polybutene, while soy bean derivatives provide the silky smoothness usually attributed to silicones. Organic beeswax provides hydration instead of synthetic emollients, and monk fruit sweetener provides an authentically pleasing flavor.

After putting the lip treats to the test, we were surprised by the amount of color payoff in some of the products -- particularly the Luminous Crème Lipstick that looked no different from the less-than-natural tubes of color that take up residence in our makeup bag.

Langmuir says she achieves the depth of color range with a combination of FD&C colorants, minerals like iron oxide and titanium dioxide and carmine for the more vibrant red tones. Pigments from beet, pomegranate and chili pepper will be utilized in the brand's next color launch.

A somewhat novelty item is the Superfruit Butter, which is a balm with true flecks of acai, blueberry, cranberry and pomegranate for intense antioxidant value. We weren't a fan of the grainy texture on our lips -- a personal preference -- but found the rich balm worked nicely as a cuticle treatment.

With the average woman ingesting an average of four to six pounds of lip product in her lifetime, we're just thrilled someone has finally figured out a way to turn that into a benefit.

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