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Blog: Keiko Lynn

Blogger: Keiko Lynn Groves

Where she lives: Brooklyn

Her thing: Keiko has been inspiring readers with her funky and picture-perfect style since starting her blog in 2008. Her style is heavily rooted in flirty femininity which she balances with harder edges, mixing vintage and modern pieces for unexpected looks. "My style is always evolving because to me, fashion is about expressing yourself as you are, at that exact moment" she explains.

When she's not blogging, she's designing and making clothing for her line Postlapsaria.

Funniest moment since she started blogging: "At a formal Kenneth Cole dinner, I managed to drop my fork in the decorative river in the middle of the table, light my cloth napkin on fire and spill maple cream puff filling down the front of my skirt in front of a crowded room. This was all in one night."

Her current style obsession: "Walkable heels, copious amounts of lace, blush tones and messy hair-- it's unavoidable for me, so I embrace it."

She can't believe she ever wore: "Purple corduroy bell bottoms and a matching purple 70s style shirt together. This was my favorite outfit all throughout middle school. It got weird looks then; it would get weird looks now."

Keiko's random fashion fact: "I used to hate dresses - I even attempted to wear jeans underneath my prom dress. Now, I dress like such a girlie girl."

Where else to find her:
Twitter: @keikolynn
Facebook: Keiko Lynn