Lovely lace styles from, from left, Chanel, Rebecca Taylor and Ralph Lauren. Photos: Pascal Le Segretain, Getty Images;; Emmanuel Dunand, AFP/Getty Images

A little bit demure. A little bit vixen. Sometimes sweet. Sometimes sultry. Perhaps it's the multiple personalities of lace that make the romantic fabric alluring -- and trendy -- for spring.

"It's a great mix of sexy and innocent," designer Rebecca Taylor tells StyleList.

Taylor is one of several designers showcasing lace this season. Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana and Ralph Lauren are just a few labels loving lace.

Part of its appeal, celebrity stylist Estee Stanley tells StyleList, is its versatility.

"It can be used as an accent, or as a full garment," she says. "It can be conservative, but also very sexy. I think the reason it keeps coming back into fashion is because designers are always finding new ways to play with it."

We asked Taylor and Stanley to answer our questions on making lace look lovely, not to mention cool, for spring. Yep, it's time to lace up.

So, what does lace look like in 2011?

"Thicker lace versus the thin stretch lace is coming back, and bright colors instead of just black or white," Stanley says. "Also, a lot of designers are creating lace look-a-likes with different materials like perforated leather. Look out for this trend on accessories like shoes and bags, but even in all-over looks like in Herve Leger's collection this season."

What pieces should I look for in lace?
"A lace dress is always so sexy and chic," Taylor says. "Black is great."

"Again, lace is so versatile that really almost anything can be made in this material," Stanley says. "Tops, dresses, skirts, as well as shoes, bags and belts."

How do I make lace look elegant and not cheap -- or overly sexy?

"The key with lace, as with any trend, is balance," Stanley says. "First off, you want to stick with high quality lace -- it can be machine-made or handmade, but the materials should be high quality, like silk, rather than polyester.

"The tendency lately has been to wear lace with very little underneath," she adds, "but you always want to make sure that you balance out that sexiness and not go too over-the-top. If you wear a lace top, you should stay away from a sexy bra underneath and go with something more demure, even a camisole. Or, if you're wearing a fully lace dress without a slip, make sure that it is a more conservative cut, maybe below the knee, or long-sleeved."

"There is a certain price point you have to pay to get lace that doesn't look cheesy," Taylor says. "Not top-of-the-line, but not the bottom either!"

What colors look fresh in lace this season?

"With the spring season always comes a lot of white, giving the feeling of a new start -- a clean slate," Stanley says. "But I think the freshest colors are the bright pops of neon that designers like Proenza Schouler used this season."

"Cream is always chic and classic," Taylor says. "It makes a great feminine alternative to black."

I found a great lace blouse. What should I pair with it?

"Lace blouses are great because they are so versatile," Taylor says. "I would tuck it in a black skirt or a pair of sleek wide-leg, high-wasted pants."

"The beauty of lace is that you can dress it up or dress it down," Stanley says. "If you pair a lace blouse with a great pair of jeans, you could wear it out to lunch with some girlfriends or even out shopping. If you decide to dress it up a bit, a great skirt can make this look date-appropriate. If you're really daring, you could always go for the full lace look and pair it with a lace skirt. Just be aware that too much lace can end up looking bulky, especially with the thicker, sturdier lace that has been in this season."

Are there any lace accessories that would be beautiful for spring?

"Belts are a great way to add some lace to your look," Stanley says. "The best thing is that lace can sometimes look bulky, but belts are a great waist-cincher, so you can still try out the lace trend without losing your hourglass shape. A lace shoe, whether a flat or a heel, is also a great way to get in on the trend without worrying about what undergarments you'll need to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions."