There's only one word to describe Karla Deras: unpredictable.

The style setter and member of our Blogger Network has an innate ability to mix high with low: her shoe closet alone boasts brands like Marc Jacobs, Alaïa, YSL, Balenciaga, and Miu Miu, but she can never seem to take off her favorite pair of Levi's jeans!

And although her fashion choices are as unexpected as a high-waisted skirt with a baseball cap -- a combo, she revealed to StyleLikeU, she once wore in high school -- one thing remains constant: the California native loves to reference her roots.

Her west coast pride is exactly why Olsenboye sought out Karla as a muse for their Spring 2011 blogger series. The shoe fiend -- whose earliest fashion memory involves extra fabric swatches and Barbie dolls -- loves blogging because it is almost like a diary. Well, the folks over at JCPenney loved reading Karla's diary and featured her in their latest webisode, featured above.

So make sure to watch Karla model the fun and flirty fashions Olsenboye has to offer for spring. (And be prepared to drool over her lust-worthy collection of jewels!)