Serena Williams' sported a wild look for her first day back on the courts. Photo: Twitter

Serena Williams, long known for her bold style on and off the court, was back in action this week -- in full regalia.

In her first session after an 8-month injury-related hiatus, the powerhouse athlete sported a full-length, neon-pink lycra bodysuit. Meeow. She showed it off, twitpic-ing her latest style with the text, "Look who I spotted on the court. Her first day back . . . "

Perhaps Williams was feeling electric on her long-awaited return to work. She started training Tuesday in Palm Beach Gardens after a break following emergency treatment for a pulmonary embolism in February. Prior to that, she had been out of commission since July due to tendon surgery when she lacerated her foot on some glass at a restaurant in Germany.

Williams' electric-hued training gear ups the ante from her sister Venus' attention-grabbing nude shorts look from last year.

And have you seen curvy model Crystal Renn's sexy black cutout dress?