Eat your cheese and wear it too: shoes made of cheddar cheese sandwiches. Photo: SWNS

AND the Cheesiest Shoe Award goes to . . .

We love a stinky European cheese, but not when it comes in our footwear.

This cheese sandwich shoe, made of stale bread and Cheddar, marries high fashion and not-so-haute cuisine. Will anyone bite? Our guess is no. But you have to give the designer creative points.

Fashion student Lisa Dillon, from Bath Spa University outside of London, designed the quirky high heel mules as part of a competition to promote the region's main agricultural industry -- dairy. She sculpted the 4-inch heels from West Country Cheddar and used more cheese, melted and shaped, as embellishment on the front. The platform soles get their lift from layers of the stale bread.

Dillon's design, along with other cheesy styles, will be on display at a local county fair of sorts, the Royal Bath and West Show, as part of a launch for a national "cheese couture" campaign, sponsored by the English brand Pilgrim's Choice.

A spokesperson told the Daily Mail, "Our sponsorship of the National Cheese Awards has become the high point of the year for consumers and visitors to the Show who love cheese. We had an incredible response from the public last year to our Cheese Sculpture Awards Class, where we show-cased the World's largest cheese sculpture ever recognised."

We don't know about you, but we're strangely looking forward to seeing more of this cheese couture.

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Bath Spa University design student Lisa Dillon, creator of the cheese shoes. Photos: SWNS