Striped Dress

StyleLikeU captures Sophia Bennett Holmes wearing a striped dress as a skirt. Photo courtesy of StyleLikeU.

Talk about versatility!

Elisa Goodkind and Lily Mandelbaum of StyleLikeU flexed their creative muscles styling a striped dress six different ways.

Can you believe that Sophia (pictured right) actually took the printed dress and wore it around her waist as a skirt? Plus, she wrapped the navy and white piece around her neck to make a cozy and cool scarf. And get this -- she wears it as a dress only once!

Whether paired with skinny jeans or a denim vest, Sophia layers like a pro. We're totally stealing some of these ideas while transitioning our wardrobe into spring.

A creative approach to dressing is what StyleLikeU is all about. Head over to their site and be inspired!

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