Me wearing Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Color in Bruised Plum. Photo: Taryn Campbell

Since I decided to go bold with my lipstick two years ago, there have been few occasions that I've painted my pout nude. Yet, my boyfriend can't seem to get past "the attention" my bright lips bring.

I proudly rock bold lips for me and could care less about the stares or whispers. Sorry, J!

And according to a new survey from L'Oréal Paris, there are many women out there like me who refuse to bite the bold lipstick bullet.

The cosmetics company conducted a study to uncover the appeal of lipstick and found that 90 percent of women wear "that sultry-hue" for themselves, and 75 percent of lipstick-wearers believe it boosts their confidence.

Interestingly, when the tables were turned, 30 percent of all men said they would rather wear lipstick for a day than gain 30 pounds.

Talk about the power of the pout!

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