spray on highlights

Would you try a DIY hair lightener? Courtesy of Refinery29.com

Have you been thinking of brightening up your locks this spring? Or even going blond?

If you're like most women, you'd probably want to experiment with blond hair at home before paying hundreds of dollars for a professional hair color treatment that may go wrong.

The beauty team at Refinery29.com have discovered a do-it-yourself product that lightens locks after 3-5 uses -- putting the '90s hair lightener favorite, Sun-In, to shame.

John Frieda's new Go Blonder Controlled Lightening Spray contains a citrus, chamomile and Lightening Complex blend that provides an even blond glow, and a violet dye to shield against unwanted orange color. Bye, bye brassy strands!

Our Refinery29.com friends recommend this hair goodie for root touch-ups, highlight brightening and going ombre, noting that when using heat tools such a blow dryer or flat iron, your hair gets blonder.

However, brown or raven-haired ladies should schedule an appointment with a hair color professional when going lighter.

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Watch the video below for another money-saving tip on how to highlight your hair at home.