J.Crew's "Duquette Leopard Print Sweater" Photo courtesy of J.Crew

Looks like we've got ourselves another trademark cat fight.

First Christian Louboutin was suing mad over his iconic red soles. Now, design firm Tony Duquette Inc. thinks that J.Crew is using its trademark without permission.

Tony Duquette was an interior designer who decorated everything and anything with leopard print -- pillows, furniture, walls you name it, Duquette made sure it was doused in the feline pattern, making it his "signature theme."

So the president and creative director of the firm, Hutton Wilkinson, told WWD that, "We filed this claim to ensure our trademarks are used appropriately and only with our permission."

The piece -- which is actually named "Duquette" as a tribute to the late designer -- is pictured above, but it is no longer featured on JCrew.com.

Head over to Elle.com for more on the legal battle.

Meanwhile, did you see that Fox News went after J.Crew's Jenna Lyons for painting her son's toenails pink? (Video below)