beckerman bite plate furball craft maxi skirt lace

Photo courtesy of Beckerman Bite Plate

The Beckerman Bite Plate sisters are known for their loud looks and eccentric ensembles. Pom poms, tie dye and wreaths of flowers are the norm -- and usually packed into one outfit!

Caillianne's recent post titled "Furball + The Craft" is a high-impact medley of textures: one fur coat, a vintage Betsey Johnson lace skirt and don't forget those knit leggings and leather boots!

By mixing and matching those textures and adding bold accessories, Caillianne's predominantly black outfit is a playful take on the monochrome trend.

So while this wild style takes a lot of bravado to pull off, we're totally drawing inspiration for this time of year where we have to transition our winter wardrobe to spring.

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