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There's no denying that there is power in a pout painted in a bright lip color. But what if you could share that sensation with just one kiss?

Morphine Lip Balm may be the trick to leaving quite the lasting impression when you pucker up.

Our friends over at Fashionista discovered this invigorating lip balm that is packed with smoothing ingredients like vitamin E, shea nut, jojoba and coconut oils, as well as 4 percent benzocaine -- a numbing agent also found in Orajel and mosquito bite sprays.

Brilliant blend, huh?

Morphine Lips founder Sheen Moaleman's love of Chapstick and Fresh's Sugar lip balm, plus the 2006 Kill Hannah song "Lips Like Morphine" inspired him to perfect this lip goodie, Fashionista reports.

Fashionista Beauty Editor Cheryl Wischhover put the numbing lip balm to the test and discovered that it took 10 minutes for the "disconcerting, tingling sensation" to wear off.

At $17.50 a pop, would you try Morphine Lip Balm?

Tell us in the comments section and watch the video below on how to make organic lip balm.