Which Boots beauty products will end up in your online shopping cart? Photo: ShopBootsUSA.com

I was formally introduced to Boots last year at a beauty bloggers event in New York City. But unbeknownst to me, I've been surrounded by colleagues who have been treating their skin and getting pretty with staples from the UK health and beauty brand for years.

And thanks to founder John Boots developing Ibuprofen back in 1961, aches and pains are just a pill away. But I digress.

While makeup artists, skin care specialists and British women have been hip to Boots for quite some time -- and lucky enough to shop the brand on their side of the pond -- U.S. fans were forced to scoop up the goodies while visiting Europe until Boots' recent debut in Target stores.

And now the retailer is making the beauty shopping experience even more gratifying with the launch of a new e-commerce site. The online shop is stocked with highly-coveted skin care and cosmetics including StyleList favorites, the No7 Advanced Renewal Anti-Aging Glycolic Peel Kit and Amazon Forest Brazil Nut & Vanilla Body Scrub.

Which Boots products will end up in your online shopping cart?

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