Sure, the Style team at the Huffington Post Media Group is made up of some seriously fashionable ladies, but at one point in time they attended the senior prom.

Spanning from the mid '80s to the later 00's, these staffers seem to have every prominent trend covered: shoulder pads, too much tulle and a bit of grunge. And like all good fashionistas do, they experimented with makeup and beauty trends. Big hair? Check. Electric blue eye shadow? Check. Punk-rock pout? Check.

You can cringe, you'll probably laugh, and we hope you won't cry while perusing this gallery of these prom night memories. Hey, we all make mistakes!

And did you see this story about the girl whose mother made her a prom dress out of Starburst candy wrappers?

We think that the downtown ballerina bun is the perfect prom hair 'do because it is cool, hip and modern. Here's how to get the look: