Michelle Pfeiffer is said to be on so many "Most Beautiful" lists that American pop culture has lost tabs. And while she covered People's annual "Beautiful" issue twice in the '90s (with six total inclusions), the stunning actress seems to be even more gorgeous a decade later. In fact -- in our humble opinion -- Pfeiffer, now in her early 50s, currently looks her best to date.

Her beauty seems to grow in direct proportion with a confidence factor measured inversely by her clinginess with men. It was nearly impossible to find pictures of the star before the age of 50 where she wasn't attached to her husband. More recently, however, she seems empowered and confident enough to stand alone.

Indeed, the Catwoman actress and mother of two seems to concur. On aging, she's said, "Part of feeling sexy is feeling comfortable in your own skin, and less inhibited, and that goes along with getting older."

Of course, there's the plastic surgery question: has she or hasn't she. The genetically-blessed actress has spoken out against it, saying she believes in the natural process: "Aging happens to every single one of us. Once you accept that, it unburdens you." Well, acceptance is probably easier reached if you look like Michelle Pfeiffer, but we love the sentiment -- and wholeheartedly agree.

In honor of this natural beauty's 53rd birthday, we're taking a long look back at her evolving style. Watch out for everything from overblown '80s 'dos to stark '90s minimalism, plus a healthy dose of Annie Hall-style menswear dressing.

Happy Birthday, Michelle!