From açai to goji berry, nature's greatest superfoods have permeated the beauty industry in recent years, thanks to their skin-beautifying antioxidant powers.

And now, there's a new hero to add to the list: sea buckthorn.

With the precious juice of the yellow to sunburst-red berries finding its way into a variety of beauty products, the fabled history of the citrus fruit dates back millennia.

"Legend has it, that the 13th-century Mongolian conqueror Genghis Khan's soldiers were very close with their horses, so that when a horse was injured in battle, instead of killing it, the soldier would leave the horse behind to die a peaceful death," explains nutritionist Dr. Lindsey Duncan.

"When Genghis Khan and his army returned to the same battlefield a year later, the soldiers were shocked to see their horses alive and well, with shiny coats of thick, beautiful manes. The horses had healed their wounds by eating the sea buckthorn berries that grew naturally in the area," adds Duncan.

From then on, Genghis Khan, his army and horses all consumed a diet rich in sea buckthorn berries, to maintain energy, boost immunity and speed up skin regeneration and healing of battle wounds.

Now, we realize you're likely not preparing to fight in Armageddon today.

But the benefits of sea buckthorn also transfer off the battlefield in powerful ways. Vitamins A, B1, B2, K, E and 10 times the vitamin C of oranges all come together in the small yet potent berries of the shrub to pack a powerful anti-aging punch.

"It's the perfect omega-fat ratio that makes them one of the world's original cosmetics," says Duncan, whose Genesis Today line includes a pure liquid supplement of the superfood. "Sea buckthorn is bursting with omegas-3, 6 and 9, and the very rare omega-7, which supports collagen production and helps maintain skin's moisture and youthful appearance."

Want to incorporate the super berry into your beauty routine? Click through the gallery above for our roundup of the best sea buckthorn products on the market today.